Kostüme presents #EDIT003, an innovative, highly-specified 10-piece collection of technical cycling apparel designed for all day riding.
Featuring product refinements across the range, plus exclusive artwork by renowned UK contemporary artist Remi Rough, #EDIT003 is strictly limited to 350 pieces worldwide and introduces two new lightweight long sleeve products, built for long summer days (and nights, for the adventurous.)



“Collaborating with a brand I love is one thing. Seeing my work on products that have fitness, wellness and sustainability at their core is especially rewarding.” - Remi Rough


#EDIT003 features new and exclusive artwork by London-based multi-disciplinary contemporary artist, Remi Rough.

Remi Rough makes complex abstract paintings on surfaces ranging from paper, wood, and canvas, to brick and concrete. His formative years and experiences as a style writer (or as most people would know it, a graffiti artist) inform his precise, constructed artworks. His clever use of highly sensory colour evokes an array of different feelings for the viewer and can at times be perceived as musical due to the vibrational energy the work emits, and he is a key proponent in the graffuturism and post-graffiti movements.

Museum shows include The Museo De Bellas Artes in Santander in 2009, The Musée Mohammed VI in Rabat 2016, MOCA London in 2017, the Art Science Museum in Singapore in 2018, and Straat Museum in Amsterdam in 2022. In 2021 he was invited by the former Royal Academy professor of perspective, Humphrey Ocean RA, to exhibit in the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. And in 2022, Remi also co-curated, and exhibited in Next Wave at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana.

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