Bib Shorts

Kostüme makes the most comfortable cycling bib shorts in the world. Our Men's Spring 2024 batch just dropped for pre-order. BUY THEM HERE

But don't just take our word for it. gave them a rare perfect 10/10 review score plus overall Editor's Choice in the Cycle Clothing of the Year Awards. The women's specific version was also awarded 4.5/5 and Product of the Year by

Read the glowing feedback from our customers (many of them Audax, endurance and adventure cyclists) on Trustpilot and check the results of our scientific multi-brand chamois test below.

How is it that a new, small, independent brand is making the best bib shorts in the world? Read all about our revolutionary approach here.


“I don't know what Kostüme has done with the Lycra but - oh my - it's the nicest thing I've ever put next to my skin" - 10/10


One of the best pieces of advice in cycling is never skimp on the contact points, and the most important of these is your bottom.


We tested every single chamois on the market, and one stood head, shoulders (and bottom) ahead of the others.


Italian-made, and featuring a 4-layer construction combining three types of memory foam, our chamois features a unique aloe-infused microfibre top surface designed to be used without chamois cream. Yes, you read that right.


So confident were we of its all-day performance that we put it to scientific test against 5 of the market leading brands. (You can likely guess the names.)


During a fascinating afternoon with bike fit experts Pedalling Perfection, we used the incredible gebioMized pressure sensing software to directly compare the performance of each chamois using the same control rider and setup.


Our results were far and away the best of the group, with near perfect distribution and no hotspots. Our plan is to repeat the test 'double-blind' as part of a more in-depth feature, coming soon.